Sunday, August 19, 2007

August 19 - St. John Eudes, where is it now

For more information on today's 17th century saint from Normandy, France, see Saint-a-day.

Alas, the drought is over, for the moment anyway. I have been having a busy summer and thankfully, through lots of prayers from my STB friends and many new and old friends, I passed my state boards and am now working as an RN here in St. Louis. Unfortunately, the new schedule (and my other blogs) often leaves little time for blogging in this blog and keeping up with the various STB sundries I run into in my off time.

But I have uncovered the following items.

1. Yes, St. Boniface is becoming a theatre (see the previous link) and will open in October.

2. The Infant of Prague statue from St. Boniface has been donated to Cor Jesu Academy on Gravois. This statue was located on the south wall of the church, near the St. Joseph altar. This was donated by an anonymous donor.

3. The St. Boniface statue, gracing the front of the building, now stands in a renovated area of St. Boniface Church in Germantown, IL.

4. Fr. Dennis Port, a former STB associate is now pastor of St. Matthias parish in South County. Look for more details on St. Matthias's web site (coming soon according to Father Port).

Many, many thanks to the folks who passed this information along. Your contributions of information go to our web site for others to find via the internet and enjoy the heritage of St. Boniface wherever they may be, as many pieces of liturgical art are often sold and distributed around the country.

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