Sunday, February 21, 2010

'Tis the Fish Fry season!

Yes, it's that time of year again, and I didn't forget. I've just been a tad busy working and going to school.

Don't forget...we will profile a few of St. Louis's fries right here, but we're always looking for reviews, so send them in!

The Ultimate Fish Fry Compendium keeps getting more and more hits every year. People are really looking for good places with good fish to eat.

Here are a few of the items I've gotten in the Fish Fry mailbag. Thank you all for contributing and I will post these to the site as soon as I can.

St. Louis, MO has the latest and greatest in sustainable culture and fish at

Thanks to Ed Vielimetti in Ann Arbor, MI check out the best in this part of Michigan at the Ann Arbor Fish Wiki

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Blogger stlouismb said...

Heading to St. Elizabeth Mother of John the Baptist tonight. I was in KCMO for the Redemptorist Shrimp Boil last Friday. My blog reviews:

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