Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More items are appearing

What a productive lunch hour!

I spoke to Father Chuck Barthel of St. Stephen Protomartyr and found out a few more details of where things are.

Restorations Plus, the statuary restoration company on Virginia Avenue have purchased a number of items, which are for sale on their website, statuesplus.com, such as the crucifix, which was behind the main altar, some candle holders, a kneeler, the St. Louis and St. Boniface murals in the vestibule of church as well as the St. Ann and Sacred Heart statues (see these on the Virtual tour). They are also selling some items on eBay under the seller name, Christian Treasures.

I recognized the kneeler, because I remembered when it was refinished and recovered in 1986 when I worked there during the summer by Father Rico Garavaglia's uncle, "Pat" Pisani (RIP Uncle Pat) who was a retired union painter.

The other new item of note is that the St. Boniface main altar tabernacle is now located at the Chapel (formerly St. Mary and Joseph parish).

And regarding the rumors, yes, Emil Frei and Associates, the renown stained glass company here in St. Louis did come in to evaluate the St. Boniface windows. The details on any repair work is sketchy (more on that later) but the Archdiocese does intend on using these windows again and they may appear in a new church planned for St. Charles county.

I will be investigating a few more sources in the interim and will post once I have more information.

At least, we won't be seeing those windows on eBay!

Also, thanks Steve for your note on today's urbanreviewstl blog. I'm already getting mail. :)


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