Tuesday, May 16, 2006

May 16 - St. Ubald, in the news

See Saint-a-Day for more information on today's 13th century Italian saint.

I am working on some new items for stbonifaceonline.com. More information when it's available. Keep your suggestions coming!

In the news:
McCarrick Retiring as Head of Washington Archdiocese (Washington Post)

Benedict the abbot? – Pope’s focus on community, freedom in Christ (via catholic.org from America Magazine)

Our Sunday Visitor: Boston church discloses financial woes – Will other U.S. dioceses follow? (via catholic.org)
Quote from this article:

Those problems, are not exclusive to Boston, Zech pointed out, and unless U.S. dioceses find ways to overcome those challenges – including persuading Catholics to provide more monetary support to their parishes – "what you're seeing in Boston, you'll be seeing all over the country."

Zech's studies indicate that the creation of parish finance councils and more promotion of stewardship from the pulpit both play a role in increasing parishioners' giving rates. But the first and most important step, he said, is better financial transparency.

"People want to know how their money is being used," he explained. "Now, at least in Boston, they do. Hopefully, it won't be long before Catholics in the rest of the country do as well."


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