Saturday, February 09, 2008

Fish fry review 2008 - Immaculate Conception

I stopped by this fry on my way home from work. Immaculate Conception parish is in Maplewood at Marshall and Anna Avenues. Fish fries are held every Friday in Lent from 4-7PM.

IC is still a reasonable deal, but like everythng, the prices have gone up, and the selections have widened. There's the standard cod, catfish and jack salmon, along with shrimp dinners. IC also has half orders this year to make the selection even more affordable. Cod, catfish and jack salmon run $6 for a two pieces, two sides dinner, and shrimp dinners are $8 for eight decent sized shrimp. The sides are your usual suspects: green beans, slaw, macaroni, spaghetti and even side salads.

There are no kids meals, so I bought a half shrimp dinner for my five year old, which was $5. The cat and cod half dinners run about $5. Desserts and drinks (including beer) are a la carte. The dessert selection was very good this time, as evidenced by the multiple kinds of cakes and cookies available.

Crowds were pretty good and the line moves fast, so I got my meals to go pretty quickly. Everything was still very hot by the time I made it home. IC still has some of the hottest food around.

Atmosphere: B
Prices: B+
Food: A-

Reviewed February 9, 2008

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Anonymous Kathleen said...

I went here last week, because it was close to home, and I was impressed. The sides weren't spectacular, but the Jack Salmon was really delicious. It was cooked well, and had a nice crispy coating/breading. Not bad, for $6!

9:57 AM  

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