Friday, March 06, 2009

Fish fry review 2009 - St. Luke's United Methodist, South County

We went down Telegraph Road in South County and found this fish fry at St. Luke's United Methodist, right next to the Royale Orleans banquet hall. You can't miss the blue and white fish sign outside.

The parking lot is below grade, so it's hard to tell that there's much there right away, but once you park, you know they're frying fish in the neighborhood as you smell the ubiquitous frying oil. We headed in (use the only door on the parking lot) and got in line.

At 5PM, there was a line with a menu posted outside the gym where the fish fry is held. There's a good selection of fish choices, including baked fish, catfish, jack salmon, hand-breaded cod and shrimp. Dinners range from $7 for any fish with two sides, $8 for a combo of two fish and two sides and $5 for a fish sandwich and one side. Sides are pretty standard--spaghetti, mac and cheese, slaw, French fries, applesauce, and hush puppies (which looked like they were homemade). Kids meals are $3 and they have lots of kid-friendly choices, such as mac and cheese, spaghetti and even a hot dog if Junior demands it. (Ours settled for three shrimp and spaghetti).

Desserts are $1 and there was quite a selection. We chose the homemade apple pie, which was outstanding. Other choices included brownies and some things you don't normally see at fish fries, including banana split pie. Drinks, such as iced tea, lemonade and coffee are included in your price.


Very large portions of fish, some of it hand-battered (we had the catfish and it was great) before you as you wait in line. Our catfish was very, very hot!

When things ran low, they substitute liberally!


The line was a little slow. The cooking (almost) as you wait works great if you have a place to sit down.

There were plenty of chairs set out, but not nearly enough tables to accommodate a really large crowd.

They ran out of baked fish before 5PM.

Overall, St. Luke's is a delicious buy in this neck of the woods. Don't miss it.

Atmosphere: A-
Food: B+
Price: B+

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