Thursday, January 12, 2006

Crucifix removed from eBay, stained glass history

I noticed on my last perusal of eBay the the St. Boniface crucifix is no longer for sale.

This evening I did some research on the stained glass windows which were in St. Boniface. These windows were marked as being from the Tirolei Glausmerei or Tyrolean Glass Works of Innsbruck, Austria in the tiny hamlet of Kufstein. This glass factory has been in operation since 1756 and has glass blowing demonstrations regularly and has a museum on its grounds.

The entire region is well known for its glasswork and some interesting examples of modern glasswork can be found on the Steindl glas site, which is headquartered in Itter.

The St. Boniface windows were made in the Munich school style, which was very popular during the late Victorian era, as the glass contains painted details to add the to the dimension of the art depicted.

Emil Frei, a German native who settled in St. Louis, was a master of this type of work.

More oral history profiles will be posted tomorrow.


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