Friday, March 30, 2007

Fish fry review - St. Andrew, Lemay

Well, due to a death in the family, I was pretty busy all day today. I managed to get down to St. Andrew's at 6PM. Their fish fry runs from 4-7PM at least from what I remember on the signs!

The parking lot had a lot of cars in it, but plenty of spaces. The fish fry is held in the cafeteria near the back of the church. The door's obscured a little, so follow the smell of the food wafting out the door, down a couple of steps and you're there.

St. Andrew's charges $6 for an adult dinner which includes a large piece of fried fish of your choice (cod, catfish, or jack salmon) with two sides and includes dessert and coffee. I took home two dinners --one catfish and one cod. The cod is the atypical squares, but both meals were hot when they should be, and cold when they should be. The sides were mac & cheese, spaghetti, green beans, cole slaw and applesauce.

The only minus was that I got there late so the dessert selection was slim. I chose a lemon Bundt cake and coconut toast (apparently homemade, so my kid scarfed it up!).

An old St. Boniface regular, Bernadette Vassalli and her family, along with her parents and sister were there, too, working. It was nice to see them again. Almost reminded me of a St. Boniface fish fry way back when!

Grade B+. Stop by early for better dessert selection.

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