Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fish Fry review - St. Matthias, Mehlville

My family and I went down the street to the fish fry after I got home from work. The parking lot was only about half full, but once we stepped inside, there was a large crowd.

The lines moved quickly and you could get eat-in or carry-out wherever you wanted, so there was no line too long. We got carry-out, just in case someone decided (my son) he wanted to take his meal home. No chance of that! There were a few kids playing and he decided we would stay and eat.

The selection is not huge (cod and shrimp) but the portions are. Four pieces of battered cod (not the squares), two sides of your choice and hush puppies are included for $7 for adults and $4.50 for kids. Coffee is free, but other drinks are 50 cents, and so are the desserts. For a little over $20, you get the whole meal, with leftovers if you're not completely starved (like me) when you get there.

As one anonymous person put it here in our comments, St. Matthias is definitely in the running for the best fish fry in South County.

Atmosphere: B+
Food: A-
Price: A

Reviewed February 22, 2008

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