Thursday, April 26, 2007

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Hello all!

I've not given up on this blog. I'm just finishing up a busy year of school. I will return to regular blogging sometime in May. I have content to be added to the website as well, so your patience is greatly appreciated.

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fish fry reviews - Good Friday

Since this was the last big day for the seasonal fish fries and I was able to do it, I made sure I visited more than one, since some of my reviewers were busy this week.

Immaculate Conception, Maplewood
I made my first visit of the year to Immaculate Conception in Maplewood's fish fry. I arrived early and to my surprise, there was already a line forming of about 20 people who were waiting for the servers to start.

IC has one of the best priced fish fries in town. For $5.50, you get your choice of two pieces of cod, catfish, or jack salmon and two sides. Baked cod is also available at an additional charge. The sides are the usuals suspects--macaroni, spaghetti, slaw, etc., but also include side salads, too.

Desserts and drinks are a la carte, but there was a wide selection of both, including beer for the grownups. Kids meals are also available, as well as just fish sandwiches, if you don't want an entire meal. The portions are good and the food is really hot!

For a quick , cheap Lenten meal, you can't go wrong at IC in Maplewood!

Grades for Immaculate Conception:
Price : A
Food, atmosphere: B+

After my trip to IC, I stopped on Morganford near the St. Louis City/St. Louis County southwestern border almost to Affton at St. Mark's Parish.. This parish, founded in 2003, is an agglomeration of the Union Road parishes of St. Timothy, Mary, Queen of the Universe and Most Precious Blood parishes, which were closed in 2001.

From the outside, St. Mark's has a very big parking lot and the parish center is pretty big. They actually have a separate serving area for carryout and dine-in. Be prepared to wait in line a bit if you get there early. The line was long before I got there, but moved very quickly. They have a very extensive menu, including cheese pizzas for $2 for the kids. St. Mark's also has a wide variety of fish, including the standbys of cod, catfish and shrimp, and also crab cakes for $7 for a two piece dinner with two sides on any of these items. They have kids fish dinners called "for kids or the young at heart" with one piece of fish for $4, if you don't want the big portions.

The sides at St. Mark's are your standard fish fry sides, but the cole slaw they make (on premise from the produce cartons in the hallway) is wonderful! I highly recommend this sweet and sour combo of cabbage, carrots, onions, and red sweet pepper.

My four year old loved his crab cake and the slaw. He would not eat the green beans though, so I saved them for me.

Grades for St. Mark's, South County
Price: B
Food, atmosphere: A

Don't miss the cole slaw! Yum!

Look for more fish fry reviews later! Thanks for all your support, especially to our guest reviewers, Charlie Brennan of KMOX and CathedralDad.

Send in your reviews anytime! We'd appreciate the information.

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