Friday, March 10, 2006

Mar. 10 - More Fish Fry information

I was listening to KMOX today and Charlie Brennan put this topic out there and a number of callers (and one via e-mail) responded on their favorite fish fries throughout the St. Louis area.

Carla Goldstein - her favorite, St. Mary Magdalen in Brentwood (at Manchester and Brentwood Blvd) not far from the St. Louis Galleria. For $7 she got cod, spaghetti, green beans and dessert. They also have a $3 kids menu with Domino's pizza.

Charlie mentioned that his favorite is St. Pius V on Grand at Utah. He recently attended Our Lady of the Pillar (on Lindbergh not far from Chaminade High School and Plaza Frontenac) A family of four could eat for under $20.

Bill from Wentzville called in about St. Patrick's on Church St. in Wentzville. Their fish fry has an all-you-can-eat menu for $8.50

Tommy from South County, who is Protestant, like the fish fry at St. Francis of Assisi on Telegraph in Oakville.

Dora from Arnold called in about the Knights of Columbus hall on Jeffco Blvd in Arnold. She said they have lots of choices of fish and sides. They also have beer.

Mike, another caller, mentioned St. John's UCC, which is near the I-55 and Lindbergh exit, just past South County Center.

One caller even complained about a St. Charles County fish fry, but there is a skeptic in every crowd.

Bon appetit and have a great weekend!


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