Friday, January 13, 2006

Mass at St. Matthias

I met with a few of the St. Boniface folks this morning at St. Matthias, where Fr. Jim Gray lives and says 8AM Mass on Fridays. Father has been in residence at St. Matthias since he left St. Boniface at the end of July 2005.

They are definitely a lively bunch. Mary Vasquez and Mary Toomey, participants in the Oral History project, along with Pat Richardson, the commemorative booklet author and several other folks are regulars. This is not just Mass --it's a fun weekly event, which is followed by breakfast at a local eatery.

While at St. Boniface, the regular Mass attendees met each day in the rectory kitchen for coffee and donuts and whatever else struck their fancies. The rectory, or parish house, was really comfortable and inviting, like your own house. Father put furniture in the living room and den areas so people could enjoy being together during the week and on Donut Sundays every month. My son Liam even had his christening party there on Palm Sunday one year. The weather was beautiful and we had tables outside and guests out on the patio.

It was a special camaraderie, of young and old, of faith and experiences, that I really miss. Good people who like you the way you are, foibles and all.


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