Friday, September 28, 2007

More on the Ivory injunction

See this page at for today's news.

A note from today's article:

In addition to barring "live performances directed to an adult audience rather than the general public," the special warranty deed signed by Allen, Rothschild and a representative of the St. Louis City Catholic Church Real Estate Corporation restricted the new owners from using the St. Boniface name and spells out other conditions.

Note: I am not a lawyer, but I did find this legal definitions site for more information on types of deeds. Not enough info? Ask your friendly, neighborhood Missouri lawyer to explain.

St. Boniface, as well as other St. Louis area churches, open or closed, exist as corporate entities formed by the Archdiocese. To see the St. Boniface corporate documents, check the Missouri Secretary of State's office.

Will the show go on tonight? Stay tuned as Judge Philip Heagney decides today if the curtain rises.

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Anonymous nick said...

Dear CB:
I am suprised to find this blog un-commented on in light of yesterday's news.

I live in south city, am catholic, and am very involved in St. Louis theatre, and am wondering if there are some answers to some questions that I have.
1- NewLine usually does shows that challenge the view of the ordinary. They are known for pushing the limit and making risque choices. I wonder if NewLine was aware of the clause in the Ivory's deed when NewLine agreed to rent the space from them.
2- I wonder why it seems that the archdiocese chose to wait till the last minute in this situation. Why wait till opening night to do something about this? It ruins a lot of people's hard work. Perhaps if the archdiocese is that concerned, perhaps they should have a committee (or single person) who keeps track of what shows or groups Ivory is planning to host.
3- How are the people who were(/are) parishioners of St. Boniface feeling about this? Is there more of a "Thank God the ArchBishop is stepping in" mentality, or is it more of a "Please just let the new company do what it needs to do and support local community business"?

Anyway, these are just some thoughts.

9:13 AM  

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